King’s Village is a collection of 62 resale townhomes that were built in the 1970’s in South East Burlington. This community were rentals for several decades. The townhomes were converted to a condo townhome community for sale.

Creative Media Co. was engaged to create a comprehensive marketing launch campaign for the sale of these units.


  • The townhomes were being sold “AS IS” direct from the builder without real agent assistance. 
  • Most buyers to prefer to buy homes that are new and renovated.
  • Reposition King’s Village from rental units to condo townhome units for sale.

Services Provided: Market research, pricing strategy, marketing concept & strategy, branding (logo & web site), copy creation, video & photography, digital and print advertising, signage.

Approach: First, CMC decided on a competitive pricing strategy to support selling the townhome units “AS IS”. Second, we created a branding story that involved the prospective buyer using a bit of imagination and creativity in order to transform their own condo townhome into the home of their dreams. Consequently, the tag line “This is Your Home, This is Your Canvas” was developed to support the notion that buyers are buying a blank canvas where they can renovate or update as their budget and vision suits their needs. Finally, we wanted  to show buyers of what a townhome could look like with a bit of elbow grease and décor. We engaged the Arc Interiors design team to create a model townhome which would also serve as a presentation centre.  Floor plans were hung as canvasses in the front enterance of the model suite so that prospective buyers could review floor plans in a creative way.

Creative Media Co. created three videos to market and promote the launch of King’s Village South East Burlington.


PURPOSE: The first video “Teaser Video” was created to solicit leads and capture the attention of prospective buyers prior to the completion of the model suite.

CONCEPT: This teaser video involved the use of drone/aerial footage of the King’s Village Community as well as the waterfront. We also filmed local amenities as well as the exterior of the townhomes (rather than the interiors as they homes were being sold “as-is” and were in varying shape). In addition, at this point of the project the model home was still being renovated. We needed a marketing asset to use on the web site as well as on social media to encourage registrations.


Purpose: The second video “Time lapse” video was created for social media and paid ads in order to encourage potential buyers to use their creativity and imagination. With a little bit of vision, an “as is” unit was transformed in a beautiful and functional model suite.

CONCEPT: We engaged designer Alexandra Assaf from Arc Interiors and her design team to stage the living and dining spaces of the model suite. We wanted to add fun and show homeowners who easy it is to transform their own “as is” units.


Purpose: To tell a story about King’s Village and it’s future homeowners. We wanted to showcase the beauty of the model suite, incorporate branding as well as tell a compelling story about a typical homebuyer.

CONCEPT: We hired professional actors to help us showcase the beautiful waterfront in Burlington as centre stage as well as the King’s Village community and model suite townhome. Our lead actress is an artist who is inspired by the beauty of Lake Ontario. She paints a canvas and brings it home to show her husband and son. The artwork is immediately hung in the kitchen. We see the family live in different rooms of the home and come together in the heart of the house – the kitchen.

We are proud to have won the 2019 Gold DOTCOM Award for our video work!


We worked with professional actors and photographed a series of lifestyle images featuring various rooms of the model townhome. We wanted to showcase not only the design but also the functionality of each room and how great life can be at King’s Village.

Sales Strategy:

  • Produce a series of professional lifestyle photography and videos that would be used for advertising and branding purposes to sell King’s Village.
  • Use location as a key selling factor (ie. Burlington rated as a #1 place to live in Canada according to Maclean’s Magazine, proximity to amenities and transit) – used in digital and print advertising
  • Show the “AS IS” units first and then unveil the model home as what your townhome could be
  • Use Google Ads & Social Media to drive leads and sign ups on web site for on-site sales rep to convert

Success of Campaign:
Website Analytics – Metrics & Growth
Results based on approximately 28 days from launch (October 2019)

With the launch of the new King’s Village – South East Burlington website there have been over 2.4K users whom have visited the new website. This shows incredible growth in traffic being directed to the new website through marketing and advertising campaign efforts. Viewers are returning to the site for more information, viewing floor plans and watching videos. The site has established a professional brand for King’s village and provides users with information at their fingertips.

Here are some of the results within the first few weeks…
Total 2.4K users, 2.6K sessions, 19.39% bounce rate, 39 seconds